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How To Reduce Stress In Children With Breath-Work

Breath-work can help children, parents and teachers to reduce stress.

We can do little about the times we are in today but what we can do much about is work on ourselves to build resilience and recuperate faster. Breath-work is a proven way to achieve that for ourselves and our children.

In Conversation With

Apoorva Gupta Jalan

Yoga Therapist
Leadership and Life Coach, Founder of In.Breath

Apoorva used to work as a marketing executive in New York City and moved back to India in 2005 to pursue her passion for Yoga. She has trained and worked extensively in the tradition of Krisnamacharya for more than a decade now. She teaches yoga with the intention of helping people experience personal transformation and growth through simple practices. She has been deeply inspired by her discovery of Yoga as a foundation of Indian Psychology Systems and a powerful framework for examining the mental and emotional frameworks of human behaviour. She offers and adapts the ancient tools of yoga to today’s language and context through personal sessions, Coaching, and leadership workshops.
Apart from extensive training and practice as a Yoga Therapist, Apoorva has certified as a Coach with Tao Coaching Academy and is pursuing her Fellowship in Process Work with Sumedhas Academy for Human Context.

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