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Joy Of Drama is dedicated to enabling children, young adults, teachers and parents to develop the necessary skills and intelligence to lead a more graceful and joyful life.  


Joy Of Drama is a fast growing organization based in New Delhi, with a large online presence and centres across Delhi & NCR, Bengaluru and Kochi. 


Joy Of Drama was founded by Vaishali Chakravarty in 2013. It is now run by a large team of teachers and experts from various fields.
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We offers several programs for children and young adults in various age groups. All the programs are currently available online.
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We offer professional development programs for both independent and school teachers. We also consult schools to develop drama syllabus and train their teachers to implement it.


'Open Out' is our quarterly symposium when we invite experts from around the world to share their experiences and ideas.
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'Method In Madness' is our weekly live conversation platform where we invite experts from around the world to talk about child development and related subjects.
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In 2013, Vaishali Chakravarty, a young theatre artist starts working with three children in her living room. The objective is not to make them actors or stage performers but it is to help them develop elementary life skills through the medium of drama.

Over the next five years, she develops a unique and inspiring new system of developing essential life skills, intelligence and performance skills in children. She works with her core team of teachers and experts to keep it evolving. By the end of 2019, Vaishali's education enterprise is spread across several centres in Delhi & NCR, Bengaluru, Kochi & Kottayam. She calls it the 'Joy Of Drama'.

By January, 2020 the news of Covid-19 begins to trickle in and by February there are talks about restrictions at public places. In the interest of the children and teachers, Joy Of Drama shuts all its centres across India by the end of February, much before the national lock down was announced. All programs are modified and migrated online in no time. After 3 months of rigorous research and teacher training, a new set of programs are announced that specially designed to take advantage of the digital medium and in some ways more efficient than the offline programs.

Joy Of Drama not just quickly climbs the digital learning curve but also shares the knowledge with other teachers and schools. Two event platforms are created to reach out to as many teacher and parents possible and help them learn from our experience and the experts from around the world.

As you read here, the process of evolution art Joy Of Drama is on. Please follow us on social media or sign up to get alerts and get latest updates. 

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