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Core Drama

Core Drama program helps your child to develop life skills, multiple intelligence and performance skills.

Wonders: 4.6 to 6 Years
Curious: 7 to 10 Years
Seekers:11 to 13 Years
Performers:14 to 17 Years


Live Online

What's included in the

Core Drama program?

Core Intelligence

Logic   Linguistics   Visual Intelligence   Kinaesthetics   Musical Intelligence

Essential Life Skills

Empathy   Collaboration   Problem Solving   Decision Making   Creativity


Solo or group performance to a select audience in an intimate theatre space, online or offline, with minimal set, lights and costume.

International Assessments

Core Drama offers a choice of international assessments from Trinity College London and London Academy Of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

How it works?

Program Duration & Structure

Core Drama is a graded program. Participants will graduate to the next grade after successfully completing the current grade in 11 months.


8-10 | 11-13 | 14-17
One 90 min session per week 

4.6-6 Years

Two 45 min session per week 

Batch Size

7-10 & 11-13 Years

Six students per batch

4.6-6 | 14-17 Years

Four students per batch

Program Fee

Wonders: 4.6 to 6 Years

Rs 6000/- per month*

Curious:  7 to 10 Years

Rs 6000/- per month*

Seekers: 11 to 13 Years

Rs 7000/- per month*

Performers: 14 to 17 Years

Rs 8500/- per month*

There is a one time admission fee of
Rs 6000/-*

*18% GST is applicable on the fees.

Sign Up For Parent Orientation

Join the live face-to-face orientation session with the course director, Vaishali Chakravarty and other faculty members to understand how CORE DRAMA works and ask all your questions. 

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