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How Children Learn

"Learning is a natural process, we just need to create the right environment for it."

Children learn from what they see, hear and feel in the environment around them. We as parents and teachers just need to create a joyful and healthy environment around the children.

In Conversation With

Krittika Sengupta

Educator & Author
Ex. Head Of The Primary Dept, Patha Bhavan Kolkata

Krittika Sengupta is an educator with almost 40 years of experience in teaching young children. She retired as the head of the Primary department of Patha Bhavan Kolkata, an inclusive school built on Tagore’s ideal. She is currently working as a mentor for a branch of the school. She has authored various books including text books for children and books on creative writing. According to Krittika the students have given her the best lessons in life and she is still learning from them.

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