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History Museums
Create Life-Long

"History museums are engines that can power a life time of learning for your child"

Museums are a showcase of greatest achievements and failures of humanity and several highlights between them. Visiting a museum is a great way for children to learn from them. Museums are also a hub for several art and education initiatives and communities, which give our children opportunities to get involved in educational and creative activities.

In Conversation With

Aditi Zacharias

Director, Kerala Museum
Master Of Fine Art, Wimbledon College, London

Aditi Zacharias, artist and mom to two wild boys, currently heads the Kerala Museum in Kochi as its Director. As a creative practitioner she began exhibiting multimedia artwork at galleries in 2005 while simultaneously developing animated content for the distance learning program, EDUSAT. She gained a Masters in Fine Art at Wimbledon College in London (2009), where she first began dwelling on the role of the spectator in performance art.

​Rethinking the museum for audiences today, she is building a strong community of local museum-lovers and stakeholders who engage in a relevant way with its programs and exhibits.

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