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Developing A Focused Mind In Children With Martial Arts

"Ancient Indian martial arts are much more than just contact sport."

All ancient Indian martial art forms have a deep psychological and physiological impact on its practitioners. Kalarippayattu from Kerala is, perhaps, the oldest martial art form in the world. Even its elementary practice can help children develop deep mental focus and physical fitness to take on the real world.

In Conversation With

Sumesh PB

Kalarippayattu Master
Theatre Scholar & Trainer
Visiting Faculty, National School Of Drama (NSD)

Sumesh PB is a prolific martial artist and theatre scholar from Thrissur, Kerala. He has learnt Kathakali, Therukoothu, Chillambu, Koodiyattam, Karate-do (Black Belt 3rd Dan, Japanese Style) and Kalari Payattu from renowned masters of the respective martial arts and traditional theatre forms. He has performed extensively at the top venues and art festivals across the country.

He currently resides in Noida and works extensively with educational institutions to train children and young adults and organizes Kalarippayattu tournaments and performances.

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