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Why Children Should Not Learn Shakespeare

Shakespeare didn't write school text books, his plays are meant to be either watched or performed

Shakespeare's works can help children develop communication skills in the English language, love for literature and much more but only if the child is involved with it in a performance and not just in a classroom, writing exams on it.

In Conversation With

Graham Watts

Author & Director

Graham was an Assistant Director at the Royal Shakespeare Company where he spent 5 years, a Staff / Resident Director at both the National Theatre and English Shakespeare Company, as well as Associate Director at the Mercury Theatre in Colchester. Previous productions include Much Ado About Nothing and King Lear in New York, Othello and The Comedy of Errors in Hamburg, Henry V in Brisbane, and 9 outdoor Shakespeare productions in Alaska. Graham’s book on Shakespeare’s First Folio was published by McFarland in 2015.

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