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Taking On The Single Parenting Challenge

"Single parents can do much better for their children with these best practices."

Single patenting can be a tough ride and it has a serious effect on how the child grow up. Fortunately, there are experts and experienced single parents who are now coming forward to share what worked best for them.

In Conversation With

Nooraa Sinha

Consulting Psychologist & Trainer

Nooraa Sinha is a counselling psychologist and trainer with over 22 years of experience. She has counselled and given training at hospitals, schools, NGO’s and in the corporate sector. Along with therapy for adults and children she has dabbled in teaching psychology. Her passion is parenting and relationship counselling. She has worked with several leading global organizations and is passionate about guiding and facilitating individuals towards a balanced life. She has a growing interest in spirituality and incorporating it into day to day life for optimal functioning.

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