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Responsible Storytelling For Children

"Storytelling is fundamental to teaching and a huge responsibility."

There is a storyteller in all of us. One of its most powerful manifestations is as a teacher. It enables you to create lasting impressions on your students and that's when you should handle it with great care and responsibility.

In Conversation With

Lopamudra Mohanti

Founder of BBW Education Pvt Ltd.
Masters In Rural Management , Xavier’s Institute Of Management
Certified Phonics Trainer
Ex Academic Consultant, Trinity College London

She has developed a Level-Wise Reading and Storytelling Programme for children (3 to 14
years) and has her centres at different locations in Mumbai providing the service as an ‘Afterschool Activity’ and as ‘Integrated school programme’ integrating storytelling into the methodology of teaching. Her company offers Storytelling
Certification programmes for Teachers and Interested Individuals. She has recently initiated a project- “ProjectIBAK” (Indian Bhasha Art and Kahani) with an objective to revive Indian languages, Indian dying art forms and architecture through the medium of stories and another pet project is “Reading Under The Trees” with an objective to get Reading back into family time and create a space for parent-child bonding
and drill in the importance of responsible storytelling and integrated storytelling.

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