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Relevance Of Traditional Parenting Today

"Today most Indian parents are stuck on a see-saw of modernity and tradition."

The see-saw is of how parents today see the future of their child versus what they saw their parents and grandparents do as parents. There is always a fear that whether we are getting too modern or too traditional.

In Conversation With

Prof Gauri Mahulikar

Dean of Faculty & Former Vice Chancellor Chinmaya University

Prof. Gauri Mahulikar is a researcher in the Vedic literature, student of Vedanta and a passionate lover of Sanskrit literature, Prof. Mahulikar has participated in many National and International Conferences. She has published 7 books and more than 80 articles in various journals and books. She retired as Head of Sanskrit Department and Gurudev Tagore chair for Comparative Literature of Mumbai University in 2015 and joined the Chinmaya University as Vice Chancellor, and currently Dean of Faculty. She is associated with different institutes and NGO-s in the capacity of advisor and management positions. Born in Karnataka, India, she can speak in 5 Indian languages in addition to English.

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