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Process Drama For Teachers

Demystifying process-drama and how to use it in your classroom

Process drama is a great tool for teachers to engage their students with a problem, situation or an idea without the stress of producing a performance. This helps the students to explore the subject personally rather than just reading about it passively from a book.

In Conversation With

Surekha Dey

Curriculum Director & Specialist Educator

Surekha’s over 30 yrs of diverse experience as a teacher, curriculum director and specialist educator is notable for the central role she and her company played during the years of Singapore’s adoption and acceleration of arts integrated learning spearheaded by the country’s National Art Council.
From 1993 through 2012 her over 20 proprietary programmes — endorsed by National Arts Council for centralising arts integration with curriculum — empowered thousands of students and teachers at over 200 of more than 350 Singapore’s schools, junior colleges and tertiary institutions. Several of the pioneering programmes, such as Integrating Process Drama, Drama Education with Arts & Music (D.R.E.A.M.), Poetry, served as the building blocks for intensive, extensive and enduring Singapore’s Education Ministry arts integrated learning initiatives.
Back in India, Surekha has been training hundreds of educators to grasp and use Process Drama, Storytelling and Poetry for trans-disciplinary learning in their physical and virtual classrooms.

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