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Problem Solving With Drama

"Lets get a deeper insight into how drama works to help children solve problems better"

Drama helps a child to concentrate and become physically alert and mentally relaxed. This is the ideal state to be in when solving a problem. There are many more aspects to how drama can help children solve problems creatively and we will discuss those in detail with our speakers. Join us for the free webinar.

In Conversation With

Sowmya Ram

Theatre In Education Expert

Sowmya is an actor, director, writer & educator. She has acted in nearly 45 plays with Nishumbita Ballet and Theatre Group. As a director she brought plays like Jungle Book, Sound Of Music, Haroun And The Sea Of Stories and Gulliver's Travels on stage.
She extensively works with children, parents and teachers to initiate them into theatre.​ She is currently an Academic Consultant with Trinity College London, Speech & Drama and Communication Skills. She is also associated with Velvi for Arts as a therapist, workshop leader and tutor. She is a member of the theatre group 'Nishumbita Ballet and Theatre Group' as an actor and trainer.

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