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Preserving Empathy In Children

"Empathy is naturally present in children, we just need to stop its erosion."

Empathy erosion starts as soon as your child is subjected to unhealthy competition at school and at home. As parents and teachers we must be careful and take measures to ensure that your child's success doesn't come at the cost of empathy in her.

In Conversation With

Ambika Sen

Educator & Social Worker

Ambika Sen is an educator, social worker, child development counselor and an artist. She has has dedicated most of her life to working with children from less fortunate backgrounds. A graduate from the Lady Sri Ram College, New Delhi and BEd from the University Of Bombay, she taught History and English Language and later served as the head of the history department at the Lady Walsingham School, Mumbai. She spent 20 years working at Bala Mandir, Chennai, a home for destitute women and children and subsequently taking on the responsibility of running the primary school at Bala Mandir.
Ambika co-founded Whitefield Rising, a charitable trust based in Bangalore that works on a broad spectrum of social issues including health and sanitation, garbage recycling and segregation, environmental awareness and education.

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