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How To Use Art For Learning At Home And School

"Art is a powerful tool for learning and you can use it in simple ways right away."

You don't need to be a trained artist to be able to use art to help your children or students to learn various subjects. There are several methods which, you can quickly apply and later learn many more with time. You may even develop some of your own.

In Conversation With

Gopa Trivedi

Visual Artist, Educator & Author

She earned her Masters in Visual Arts (Painting) from MS University, Barod in 2012. Her works have been part of several group shows, like, ‘Ijtema’ Lahore, 2017; ‘Contraband’ New Delhi, 2017; ‘We have some Stardust’ NIV, New Delhi, 2015; ‘Reconstructing Home’ Serena Gallery, Islamabad, Pakistan, 2015. She has also been involved with the Children's University of Gujarat and has illustrated and authored several books for children

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