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How To Develop Social Skills In Children

Social skills are the secret ingredient in your child's recipe of success.

Your child can decide to do whatever in life and prepare hard for it but it's your child's better social skills that will earn her all the help, support and followers in life, especially, when it's needed the most.

In Conversation With

Shagun Sethi

CSR Consultant
Founder, Be A Man

Shagun is a consultant for corporate social responsibility and not for profit work at Grant Thornton. Shagun has experience as a researcher and consultant on social impact and development projects and has worked for consultancies, policy think tanks, government bodies and nonprofits in this capacity.
Shagun is passionate about women’s rights and gender and has started her own non-profit initiative in India entitled ‘Be A Man’, aimed at creating curricula and curating fundraising programs to fight gender inequality in the subcontinent. She was also invited to give a TedX talk about gender. She strongly believes that the one way for youth to feel and act empowered is by engaging in service and community work. She credits her achievments to her experiences on ground.
Shagun is a graduate from Columbia University with a Masters in Global Thought. Prior to that, she studied Political Science and Sociology at The University of Delhi. Shagun’s interests lie at the intersection of social development, globalization and business.

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