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Helping Children Learn English Language

"Language skills are the key to you child's academic and professional success."

Well developed language skills and linguistic intelligence at an early age can make a real difference in a child's life by powering creativity, leadership, clarity of thought and expression. There are many ways you can help your children learn English language better.

In Conversation With

Joyce D'Cunha

Educator, Academic Administrator
Academic Support, Trinity College London
Former Examiner For Trinity College London

Joyce D'Cunha is a graduate trained teacher from the University of Mumbai. She has had over 35 years of teaching experience in well-established schools in Mumbai and Delhi (India).

Her rich and diverse teaching experiences comprise of being a Teacher, Curriculum Designer, Teacher Trainer in ELT education and teaching methodology, a Course Co-coordinator at St Xavier's Teacher Training Institute Mumbai, a Headmistress in International Schools, and an Academic Support for Trinity ESOL Examinations in India.

She has worked as an Examiner for Trinity College London exams and has examined teachers and students across India.

She has a successful track record of assisting people improve and enhance their communication skills. In 2012 along with the Trinity Professional Support Team trained Master trainers in Thailand to enable them to prepare candidates to appear for the ESOL exams.

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