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Game Thinking For
Teachers And Parents

"How to innovate using game thinking and stay relevant to the times."

Innovation is the key to keeping yourself fresh, interesting and evolving with the times. Game thinking can help you see things from a new point of view and evolve way you work to keep you relevant.

In Conversation With

Ambikesh Prasad

Co-Founder, M.A.D. Methods
Game Thinking Coach

Ambikesh has worked in consulting and worked in both the services and the product industries. He loves traveling which is good because he has had to travel to various places across the globe for work. He understands the nuances of culture and brings all that rich experience to the table. He is an extremely process driven being. Whether it’s streamlining business processes or his wardrobe, Ambikesh relies on methods! Hence the inspiration for founding M.A.D. Methods. Ambikesh is a Computer Science Engineer and India’s first certified Game Thinking Coach. His love and understanding of technology coupled with understanding of methodologies make for a potent recipe for problem-solving. Ambikesh calls Mumbai home where he lives with his parents, his wife and two kids.

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