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Five Things We Don't Know About Our Children Today

"A generation changes after every 5 years, how well do you know our children today?"

Change is happening faster than ever before and our ability to keep up with it as a parent or a teacher will determine whether we will be able to help our children work for a brighter future or become a road block for them.

In Conversation With

Agastya Rao & Abhimanyu Rao

Students, Shiv Nadar School Gurgaon

Agastya and Abhimanyu are a set of bright and intelligent twins.

Agastya likes organizing everything (from his room to planning his entire day), reading non-fiction, writing short stories, public speaking, fencing and swimming. Abhimanyu likes to spend most of his day thinking about everything under the sun. He loves reading fiction, writing poetry, puns, debating and fencing.

When they are not bickering with each other or cracking jokes, both boys love playing with Legos and with their dogs Cookie and Leo.

They have participated in many debate competitions at the national and international level. With their friend, they qualified to the Tournament of Champions round of the World Scholars Cup at Yale and the Global Round in Beijing. Along with their friend Mihir, they started an online weekly digest, The Paperless Press, to share articles and features to spread positivity.

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