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Community Learning For Children

It is important for our children to also experience what they learn in their classrooms.

Community learning is about applying what is being learnt, in the real world setting around us and then sharing that experience in the form of social interactions. It is a great way of improving quality of learning experience of the student and the community also benefits from the process.

In Conversation With

Bachan Anand

Facilitator, Bhoomi Community

My name is Bachan. I am interested in working with communities that have unique and alternative perspectives from the mainstream thought process. I would love to use my experience to integrate, help thrive and sustain such communities' thoughts and actions into the world that we may not agree
with. I would invite everyone to consider how to live in harmony with the very organizations, situations and people we want to change instead of trying to fight and struggle in the process of achieving your vision. I consider self direction as an individual and self organization as a group to be the most powerful tools we can use to move us closer to our purpose and vision. I have experience working with communities, corporate organizations, children and parents across 15+ countries using the tools and practices listed below. Most of my experience is in the US and in India.
I consider each new opportunity as a learning curve. I request you to not appreciate me too much for any work I do with you to make sure my ego doesn’t stand in the way of my learning and growth.

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