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Building Social Skills With Improv Theatre

"Improv theatre is a great way to develop spontaneity in children."

Spontaneity is an essential ingredient your child needs to develop sharp social skills. Improvisational theatre or Improv theatre, as it is popularly known today, was initially developed as an exercise for children to teach them drama. It is now widely used by teachers to teach various subjects. In this webinar we will closely look at how we can help children learn social skills using improv.

In Conversation With

Ankur Sardana

Founder, Nautankibaaz Improv Comedy (NIC)
Design Head, OLX Group

Ankur is an NID (National Institute of Design) and CBS (College of Business Studies) alumnus. Wearing a couple of hats most times, he is the founder of the improv group - Nautankibaaz Improv Comedy (NIC) and heads design at the OLX group.

His journey in improv is a passionate pursuit into community building. A community which is based on empathy, play and creativity. He firmly believes that improv has a lot of answers to tough societal questions that we face currently as parents and citizens. The group NIC, regularly conducts workshops and shows across NCR (and now streaming online across the world) for kids, adults and elder alike."

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