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Tap into the full potential of storytelling as a method of learning

We know that storytelling is a great way to learn and as teachers or parents we also use it sometimes but most of us know only a little about how it really works. Lets find out how we can use storytelling in a more powerful way to engage with our children. 


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Rituparna Ghosh

Storyteller & Educator

Rituparna Ghosh is an international storyteller and the founder of ‘Your Story Bag’, a training and consulting company dedicated to helping children, teachers, professionals, entrepreneurs and other organizations to ‘Discover Expressions, Emotions & Life Through Stories.

Her storytelling program for teachers, “Tickle Your Story Bones’ was a part of the curriculum at the Shyama Prasad Mukherji College for Women, Delhi University, she taught the course from 2015-2020. The program was also a part of the Amity Centre for Educational Research and Training (ACERT) in 2016-17. Recently, Rituparna has co-designed an e-Learning module for CBSE on storytelling as a pedagogy. She has also conducted her programs at top international schools in India.

Rituparna has performed at several prestigious festivals like Bookaroo Children’s Literature Festival, Kahaani Festival, Delhi Poetry Festival, National Children’s Literature Festival, Bhubaneshwar and Jaipur Literary Festival. Rituparna has been invited to speak at events by the German Book Office, New Delhi, FICCI. She was also invited by Parag - Tata Trusts to speak to the alumni in the Library Educators Program.

Rituparna also works with the corporate sector, where she uses storytelling for Employer Branding, Change Management, On-boarding, Employee Engagement, Communication and Gender Sensitization. In the not-for- profit sector, Rituparna consults organisations on how to use storytelling for communication.

Vaishali Chakravarty

Director, Joy Of Drama

Academic Consultant, Trinity College London

Vaishali Chakravarty is one of India's leading drama & life skills educators and a contemporary theatre practitioner. In her distinguished career, Vaishali has worked in several full length theatre productions and trained thousands of students and hundreds of teachers at the top schools and Joy Of Drama centres across the country. 

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Join Us Live

SUN | 22 AUG

6:00 PM IST

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