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Short & Refreshing Summer Programs 

23 MAY - 03 JUN 2022

Six Short Summer Programs
For 6-9, 10-13 & 14-17 years

Help your child refresh her intelligence and love for arts, literature and culture through these short programs conducted by the top mentors in the country. 

[Only 7 seats per program]

Conducted Online | Join From Anywhere


Play-Making For Children

Key Skills Involved
Imagination, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, Role Play, Social Awareness

Age Groups: 6 to 9 & 10 to 13 Years

Read Runner

Reading Challenge

Key Skills Involved
Active Reading, Grammar, Analytical Skills, Literary Awareness

Age Groups: 6 to 9 & 10 to 13 Years


Visual Intelligence
Through Art

Key Skills Involved

Visual Intelligence, Intuitive Mindset, Imagination, Creativity

Age Groups: 10 to 13 & 14 to 17 Years

Smoke & Mirrors

Think Like Holmes

Key Skills Involved

Deductive Reasoning, Analytical Skills, Role Play, Reflex Thinking 

Age Group: 10-13 & 14-17 Years

Rewind & Play

Drama In History Series

Key Skills Involved

Analytical Skills, Creativity, Research, Role Play, Collaboration

Age Groups: 6 to 9 & 10 to 13 Years

Song Story Short

Musical Theatre
For Children

Key Skills Involved
Imagination, Rhythm, Musical Intelligence, Role Play, Collaboration

Age Groups:10 to 13 Years

Complete Schedule

23 MAY - 04 JUN 2022

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