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Highlights Of The Program

India - UK | 2023

15-16 JUL

Rehearsal: Working In A Performance Space With Lights & Sound

Facilitator: Vaishali Chakravarty & Md Shameem


The actors rehearsed their scenes in a theatre space with lights and sound cues. They made the required adjustments in their movements and scene blockings to make them work with the lights. The actors also did full dress rehearsals of certain scenes and worked on choreographing themovements.  

11-14 JUL

Rehearsal: Scene Work

Facilitator: Vaishali Chakravarty


The actors tried their newly made masks and worked on their characters' body language. The director of the play, Vaishali Chakravarty guided the actors through blocking the scenes, emoting with masks and Shakespeare's speech.    

10-11 JUN

Workshop: Making Masks For Your Characters

Facilitator: Md. Shameem, Master Puppeteer and Puppet Maker

The participants immersed themselves in the process of making masks for their characters using hybrid techniques. In the process the also learnt to establish the physical features of their character and the impact little variations can make.

02 JUN

Session: Understanding the historical and cultural context of Macbeth

Facilitator: Patricia Holt, Actor & Shakespeare Text Expert 


The participants got the opportunity to get in reading session with the American actor and Shakespeare expert Partcia Holt to understand Macbeth in the the right context. They also discussed the motivations of the various characters in the play.

29 May

Session: Speaking classical text & how to build character

Facilitator: Tom Kane, Actor, Writer & Guest Faculty RADA, London 


The participants got into a reading session with the British actor Tom Edward Kane to understand the system of speaking Shakespeare's text. The kind language a character has been given also codifies its character traits.  

1 APR - Every Alternate Day - Ongoing

Session: Actors Read Macbeth

Facilitator: Vaishali Chakravarty, Director, Joy Of Drama


23 APR

Workshop: Acting With Half Masks

Facilitator: Helen Barnett, Creative Director- Trestle Arts Base


The second in the series of 3 workshops, the participants learnt to work with half masks and how to use speech and body language.

23 APR

Session: Working In Chorus & Rhythem

Facilitator: Vaishali Chakravarty, Director- Joy Of Drama


The participants went through various exercises to learn how to work as cohesive unit. Working in chorus is essential for group theatre work and learning to understand rhythem is at the heart of it. The participants explored rhythem in various contexts and processes.

01 APR

Workshop: Acting With Full Masks 

Facilitator: Helen Barnett, Creative Director- Trestle Arts Base


First, in the series of three workshops, give the participants an opportunity to learn with Helen Barnett. They learnt the fundamentals of mask theatre and how actor needs to learn and evolve the required body language when working with a full mask, as there is no speech.

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