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Why Must Children Visit Art Museums

"Out-of-screen art experience can have a lasting impact on your child."

Art galleries and museums are not just a showcase of great art but also of history, culture and social issues through the eyes of great artists. Looking at it in a three-dimensional space in a museum is always an absorbing experience. Art museums/galleries are also a hub for student-art communities and many other activities which can help your child get creative in more immersive ways.

In Conversation With

Argha Kamal Ganguly

Assistant Curator, National Gallery Of Modern Art, New Delhi (NGMA)
Master Of Fine Art, Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata

Argha is a painter and art curator from Kolkata. He works closely with the NGMA visitors like students from different age group and teachers to help them appreciate art by conducting guided walk-through, workshops, storytelling sessions. Also as the Asst. Curator he is involved in the process of planning, mounting and organizing exhibitions and other educational, outreach programs throughout the year. he also visiting faculty at various institutions like the College Of Art, New Delhi and National School of Drama.

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