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Mindfulness In Children

"Learn techniques to practice mindfulness -improve attention and memory in your child."

Mindfulness is the state of being aware and alert of the present moment while calmly observing one's feelings, thoughts and sensations. Even 10-minute mindfulness exercise a day has shown to improve attention and memory as well as rejuvenate and relax the brain.

In Conversation With

Dr Mallika Sen

Cognitive & Developmental Psychologist
MSc Neuroscience, University Of Oxford
Phd University Of Bristol

Mallika is a cognitive and developmental psychologist, with years of experience in childhood behavioural psychology, curriculum development and teacher training. Her specialisation in multi-sensory learning and memory, and her background in dance and theatre has led her to experiment with creative learning techniques combining art and science, and involving more than one sensory modality. She holds a masters degree from the University of Oxford and a doctorate from the University of Bristol, UK. Mallika is also a consulting psychologist with Joy of Drama and a guest speaker at the Open Out forum.

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