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How To Introduce Children To Music

"Music can do wonders to your child, let's find out where and how to begin."

A lot has been researched and said about the positive effects the right kind of music can have on your child's mental and physical development but what is the right kind of music and how we can get our children started with it are the questions we should find answers for.

In Conversation With

Nadezda Valerevna Balyan

Choir Conductor, Pianist & Teacher
MA In Music Theory, Moscow State University Of Art & Culture

She was born in the city of Tula in Russia to a family of Volga Germans. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Piano & Choir Conduction from Tula Music College and a Master’s degree in Music Theory from Moscow State University of Art & Culture.
Nadezda is currently based in India and runs her music school “PianoForte School of Music and Art” in New Delhi. She also directs the Delhi Chamber Choir as the main choir conductor for Western Classical music. She has conducted several popular choirs in India like Capital City Minstrels and has collaborated with Neemrana choir for nearly a decade. Under her conduction, Neemrana choir, along with many others, have successfully performed in many operas and concerts across India and Europe. She has performed with her choirs at the Delhi Art Festival, several special events organized by the European Union and at the President’s House, New Delhi India.
Nadezda has earlier worked at the Russian Cultural Centre, New Delhi, as the Director of the Music School.
Before relocating to India in 2007, she conducted several choirs of different age groups in the Music school “Tchaikovsky” in Russia. She specializes in the development of Ear for music and Positioning of the singing voice.

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