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How To Boost Your Child's Memory

"Memory impacts the academic, social and emotional development of your child."

What is memory?
Types of memory?
Memory and how it is related to various learning difficulties or other conditions.
Effects of memory difficulty in childhood. Activities to aid memory during various stages of development.

In Conversation With

Sreepriya Bhowmik

MA, SEN (Autism) UK, PG Dip in SEN (NIMH India), BA (Hons) Education, Dip
RSA, RQTU (British Psychological Society), SpLD APC Holder, ADOS2
Qualified, 3DI Qualified. CCET, CPT3A.

Sreepriya is the founder director of British Education Support Services, an organization that aims at providing Multidisciplinary approach to the Assessment and Intervention for children with Special Educational Needs.
Sreepriya has been working in the field of special needs since 1996 and has been in the UK since 2003. She started her career in UK with the National Autistic Society and since then has worked in both state and independent sectors as head of special needs department. Her experience has been in both mainstream and special schools and across all age groups.

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