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How Literature Shapes A Child

"Literature is one of the sharpest chisels available to shape an individual"

Consuming literature helps you to understand things from different perspectives. It develops empathy in you and gives you the ability to have a balanced view of things around you. That's the stable foundation a child needs to develop all other skills in life.

In Conversation With

Shalini Pattabiraman

Educator & Poet

Each time, I try on a label, something inside me escapes into the wild. I wish I could say I am the bird, the sky, the leaf, the grass and so many other things but I am none of those unless I find them inside my poem and then just for a moment, I become those things and much more.

I currently teach English at a secondary school in Scotland. In the past, I have facilitated workshops and training for adults(parents & teachers) in the use of drama in education, choosing and using literature, working with poetry and storytelling; developed curriculum for teaching and supporting drama in education and worked with a wide range of children in India and Singapore. In what seems like a past life now, I was involved with marketing and at some point, wrote for A&M an advertising and marketing journal.

I love many things that begin with /p/ such as paintings, pottery, pebbles, picture books, poetry, process-drama, people, perspectives and then some that begin with /ph/such as photography, philosophy, physics. But most important of all, I love to play, play with sounds, words, ideas, questions, choices, and decisions.

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