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How Drama Can Be Therapeutic For Parent And Child

"Understanding the therapeutic nature of drama and how we can use it. "

Drama is therapeutic in nature. It is now widely used to help children to develop better mental health. Lets try to understand how it works and how you can use it at home or in your classroom.

In Conversation With

Chetnaa Mehrotra

Applied Theatre Practitioner

Chetnaa is an Applied Theatre Practitioner, a Drama Based Learning facilitator, a TO (Theatre of the Oppressed) practitioner, Playback Theatre practitioner, and a Theatre in Education (TIE) practitioner. She has a vision to take these forms of art based facilitation to workspaces, open learning spaces, classes and training rooms, thereby creating a culture of expression, acceptance and love between people.
Chetnaa Mehrotra’s decade-long work experience as a Corporate facilitator at GENPACT, IBM, HP, NIIT, Emirates, Air Hostess Academy, Ministry of External Affairs, and American Express has taught Chetna first-hand, how image, expression & acceptance, humanizing organizations, customer service, training, and HR management impact the public perception of a corporation, its employee performance, customer service confidence, and its goal-setting and result-oriented business strategies.
Chetnaa has evolved innovative approach towards in-classroom training at Corporations and Educational Institutes. She has introduced Drama Based Learning facilitation, Narrative Storytelling with Movement, Image & Forum Theatre, Playback Theatre, thereby making learning a “doing phase”, rather just a lecture platform.

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