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Game Changer Ideas For Parents

"Educational role-play games create an active learning environment."

Active Drama Based Gaming is essential to develop creativity and imagination in a child
It creates a space where children are free to express themselves and live in a magical realm of possibility.

In Conversation With

David Bowers

Game Based Education Expert

David Bowers has been teaching English, critical thinking, public speaking, and academic writing to teens for the last 18 years in Nanjing, China, where he developed a roleplaying game called Dreamwalker for learning life skills alongside academic and creative education in summer camps and other extracurricular arenas. Originally from the US, David is getting a master’s degree in teaching social studies from the University of Southern California and has come to do his practicum in India. Together with his wife and two sons, he constantly seeks innovative teaching strategies that bring out the highest potential in each child.

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