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Using Drama To Teach Maths

"Drama can take the fear of Maths away from a child."

'Fear of Maths' is the biggest challenge faced by students and teachers alike. It stops the student from experiencing the creative possibilities in the subject. Drama can help the students get over the fear and begin to explore Maths.

In Conversation With

Ashok Tiwari

Educator, Author & Theatre Practitioner

Ashok Tiwari is a prolific writer, poet, actor, director and a theatre activist. He has been a key member of Jana Natya Manch since 1991; and has travelled to various parts of India, USA, England, South Africa & Palestine with his plays. Apart from the fact, that he has numerous published works to his credit, including 'Subhash Bose Aur Azaad Hind Fauz', 'Mumkin Hai', 'Dastkhat', 'Dhaar Kaafi Hai' & 'Suno Adeeb', he has also written extensively on the life and works of Nasera Sharma. He was awarded the ‘Varthaman Sahitya Malkhan Singh Sisodia Kavita Puraskar’ in 2007 for his poetry collection ‘Suno Adeeb’. Reputed Indian journals and newspapers have been regularly publishing his articles, poems, stories and reports for over three decades.

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