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Helping Children Understand Competition

"Competition can help you grow or bog you down, depends on how you deal with it."

Competition is a natural phenomenon, what matters is how you perceive it and pass it on to your child. A mature approach to competition can help you and your child to use it to achieve your goals faster.

In Conversation With

Vimala Jacob

Educationalist & Academic Administrator
Educational Administrator, The Choice School - HQ

Vimala Rani Jacob is a passionate and spirited educator who strives for excellence and quality in all that she does. She is a veritable pedagogical leader with deep knowledge of curriculum planning, inter-disciplinary links, trans-disciplinary skills, differentiated teaching, learning strategies, approaches to teaching and learning, and many more. She is a post-graduate in Botany from Pondicherry University and Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française (Advanced Diploma in French) graduate in French language. She has served as a Teacher of French, IBDP Coordinator and Head of Senior Secondary School.

She believes that Education is capacity building and hence we need to depend upon experts in the various fields of knowledge with a firm respect for all disciplines of knowledge.

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