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Dram-Lit Circle

Help Your Child To Become An Active Reader

DramLit Circle is a scientifically designed program to encourage your child to get more actively involved with books and utilize the true power of reading through drama and performance.

For Age Groups

7 to 10 & 11 to 13 Years

Conducted live online. Join from anywhere.

What Is Active Reading?

Understanding key ideas, concepts, and facts in the text

Distilling and summarizing the required information from the text.

Engaging with the text by making connections with our own lives

Asking questions that help you think deeper about the content of the book

Is Your Child An Active Reader?

How DramLit Circle works?

Program Duration & Structure

DramLit Circle is a multi-level program. Participants will graduate to the next level after successfully completing a level in 3 to 4 months.

Audio Play Performance

During the course of discussions and analysis of the text there will be a dramatic reading performance of the story, resulting in an audio play production every three months.


One 90 min session per week 

Batch Size

Six students per batch

Program Fee

Rs 3500/- per month

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